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500 pages, photos, products
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These features would cost you thousands of dollars if built separately. They are available at no extra charge with Coach-site. All of this from your secure, password-protected SiteBuilder administration area.

Starting at $24.95 per month (for 12 month contract)

Are you tired of :

  • spending hours playing with the code in your html editor to make your site look "just right" ?
  • having to pay a web developer each time you want to update your website ?

Already have a website ? We can migrate your website into the Coach-site system.
Contact us for more information and a price quote.

Features Summary

Web Pages


Choose from 10 available page layouts with image(s).

Quickly upload and manage images used in pages with our Photo Upload system.

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Domain Name


You get a FREE domain name in the format yourname.Coach-site.com.

Already have a domain name ? You can opt to set up your own domain name (e.g. "yourname.com") for your site.

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Want to have a more professional looking
email address ?

Your site comes with 5 emails that reflect your web address.


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Message Boards


Host discussion on different topics, gather info and foster a sense of community in your website.

  • Login available for your regular members
  • Members have their own profiles and autosignature
  • Give Moderator status to a member to help you manage the page
  • Add, edit and delete posts or message threads

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Feedback Forms


Let prospective clients inquire about your services.

Collect information from athletes with customized questionnaires.

  • Field types:
    • text boxes for written out answers
    • multiple choice
    • drop-down menus
    • checkmark boxes
  • Submissions can be emailed to you automatically when received
  • A personalized email can be automatically sent when a submission is received
  • Submissions are stored on your site for easy access

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Mailing List / Newsletters


Post several newsletters and then have them batch emailed to your subscribers

  • Manage your subscribers right on your site
  • Your subscriber emails can be exported as a list
  • Newsletters are displayed by date

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Post Photos / Videos


Organize and post up to 500 photos into your photo album pages.

Adding and organizing takes only a few clicks and you can use any photo you have taken.

Post instructional videos for clients to view and download.



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Shopping Cart


Want to sell products or collect payment via your website ? Piece of cake with Coach-site !

Integrate your shopping cart with popular payment systems such as PayPal.



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Publish Articles


Write, post, and update articles and then they are automatically formatted on the page.


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Password Protected Areas


Create client-only areas of your website.


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