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The helpful staff at Coach-site.com will also be glad to work with you to :

  • set up your new website
  • transfer your existing website into our SiteBuilder system

contact us for more information and a price quote.

Getting started is a three-step process that takes the average user five minutes.

This document covers:

  1. Getting started in 3 easy steps (5 minutes)
  2. Adding a page (1 minute)
  3. Editing a page (1 minute)

Getting started in 3 easy steps

The three-step getting started process looks like this:

Step 1: Choose a Design

Click on a design.

  • 30 are shown but over 200 are available inside.
  • You can change designs anytime.

Step 2: Choose Pages

Name up to 5 pages in your site.

Add more later any time.

Step 3: Choose a Domain, Enter Signup Info

Choose a site name.

Enter sign up information.

You're done ! Now start building your website....

Adding a Page

Adding a page takes about one minute:

Step 1: Click Add Page in the toolbar

By clicking the Add Page button, you will start the add page wizard.

Step 2: Choose a page type

Click on over 20 page types.


  1. Photo albums
  2. Message boards
  3. Custom forms
  4. Shopping cart catalogs
  5. more...

Step 3: Enter a page name

Enter a name for your new page then go ahead and edit it. See below for editing info.

Editing a Page

Editing a page takes about one minute:

Step 1: Click Edit Page

A toolbar is always shown at the top of every page in your website. Only you can see it.

Click "Edit Page" in the toolbar to edit a page.

If you just added a page, skip this step as you will automatically taken to edit mode.


Step 2: Edit Page

The editor is easy to use.

Select fonts, styles and colors from on screen menus.

The editor works a lot like Microsoft Word or any other word processor. You don't have to download or install anything for it to work.
When done click Save.

Step 3: View your changes

You're done!